Welcome To Unique Performance Clinic

Unique performance is a limited company that offers structured and advanced techniques to the rehabilitation and training needs of its clientele.

U.P Clinic has a interdisciplinary centre that has helped sports related musculoskeletal injuries and general recovery for injuries. Those that require optimisation of health or development of their performance will experience a unique approach to their needs regardless of what it may be, but safely knowing that we have successfully rehabilitated and progressed professionals in many sports injury related clientele, including; boxing, football, rugby, horse riding, golf and karate.

Our problem solving approach sees us use a number of different and unique technologies which help us to get to the bottom of your issues using rehabilitation techniques such as ART(Active Release Technique), Trigenics, Kinesio Taping, Fascial Abrasion and Corrective Exercise Specialties to name a few. For those that seek general or specialist conditioning we are accredited or trained by NASM, CHEK, POLIQUIN, ACTIVE IQ, UKSCA, PTA Global as well as others.

We also offer a conditioning service to the athletic performers who require the need to progress or re enter their sporting needs using structured personalised programmes that are tailored to you individual performing needs.

Private Gym Apparatus

The use of private gym apparatus is a big part to the development and progress that makes the company a class of its own. The equipment we possess is not of ordinary gym standards by any means. The equipment and structure of the gym is set to provide results regardless of targets. We offer new and unique training where possible with a personalised touch.

Our mission is built upon the following values or guiding principles.
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