About Us

Our mission is built upon the following values or guiding principles:

a) To build a great firm that is able to attract, develop, excite, and retain exceptional clinical consultants through various advanced methods of rehab and training.

b) To deliver a customised consulting service which adds value to our target market .

c) To focus on the development of innovative products that meet the changing needs of the conditioning and injury management industry that competitions cannot offer.

Specialities Include

- Hormone Profiling and Supplementary protocols Through Advanced Nutritional Knowledge
- Strength and Conditioning coaching (UKSCA AND POLIQUIN)
- Trigenics, Re-train the brain through Neuro-Muscular pathways
- Referral practitioner, for diabetes, back pain and heart conditions
- Rehab and corrective exercise specialist through 3D functional movement (NASM)
- kinesio muscular and structural balance taping
- sports massage and fascial abrasion technique and knowledge
- Active release technique and fascial abrasion for the release of over used muscles
- Gp Referral Practitioner and Lifestyle Advisor

Book an initial consultation for £20 and instantly receive this off of your first purchase. There are no obligations or attachments, we only offer private tuition of the highest standards with no monthly memberships fees.

To train at the facility you must be supervised by one of the trainers. This ensures you get the best possible attention which will lead to better results.

The way we train you is much how we would train an athlete. If you want the best results, you must use the best practices, obtain the knowledge and self awareness to achieve your results.