Know Your Tummy

For many women, summer can fuel the dreaded thought of fitting into that bikini. Many flock to the gym and perform hundreds of sit ups and long continuous cardiovascular exercise to get a wash board stomach.

Unfortunately there is no one size fits all approach to this dilemma, so instead I have devised the different tummy types into categories, each require a different approach to achieve that desired shape, follow the tips and see the difference in 12 weeks.

The Tyre

The spare tyre look is one that can be eliminated the easiest, as it shows that the wrong foods are being eaten and a lack of exercise has been performed in the past.

The people that have these stomachs are more likely to lead sedentary life's , jobs that require long hours of non activity an have an emotional attachment to sugary foods that feed their bad bacteria.

Identify and Overturn those habits:

Exercising very little, irregular eating times, combined with eating junk such as sgar or refined carbs that are present in bread, pasta, biscuits and rie will result in a overweight tummy accompanied with muffin top hips and rubbing inner thighs.

12 Weeks to a new you:

- If alcohol is your poison then eliminate for the first two weeks of your plan - Pure sugar goes straight to the waist and prevents you burning off any other stores until those sugars have been processed. Once those two weeks have passed and you feel the need to rink occasionally then opt for lower sugar beverages such as vodka, soda water and lime.

- Once the wine has been kicked its time to overhaul the diet and move more. Start with taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walk the extra 5 minutes and miss the -tube crowds.

- Eliminate any 'low fat' foods as these are normally pre packed with salt, refined sugars and chemicals that can induce hormone changing properties. sap these 'snacks' with a balanced one of a piece of fruit an small handful of mixed natural nuts.

- Consume between 1200calories and 1500calories split qually across 3 main meals and 1 small snack to kick start metabolism, removing all processed foods, and replacing carbohydrate meals with good fats such as avacado, oily fish and nuts will burn belly fat.

- Exercise is key and requires a bigger output than input of calories. You re required to move more and this starts in small steps. Dont be put off by bootcamp style Tv shows as this doesn't have to be the way forward. 20 mins of power walking a day will make a huge difference.


The key to your success is 'Preparation' and 'Dedication'
- Plan meals, make time to exercise and most importantly stick by it.

The Stressed Insomniac

These types tend to be over-achievers or work enthusiasts, not necessarily that these people cant sleep its more that they don't sleep. Late nights and early mornings are a huge factor in cortisol induced umbilical fat around the mid riff. long with the daily grind that surrounds their hectic lifestyle.

These bellies are susceptible to Irritable Bowel and leaky gut syndrome, both can cause bloating and swollen stomachs which make their belly look worse.

These bellies are unlike The TYRE as they are hard to the touch rather than wobbly.

Identify and Overturn those habits:

Skipping nutritious main meals for either nothing or quick fix food and too much caffeine too mask exhaustion from the early morning that follows the late nights.

12 weeks to a new you:

- Get an early night. When you miss out on sleep you affect 10 different hormones that when structurally imbalanced will affect mood, metabolism, appetite and energy levels.
This yo-yo effect will play havoc on your diet as you may be aware, when tired we reach for the sugary fat depositing snacks that give an instant 'pick me up'.

- Take time to relax, eliminate or drastically reduce caffeine with the uses of herbal remedies such as green tea, white tea, fennel and chamomile. Strictly No caffeine within 6 hours of bedtime to prevent restless interrupted nights.

- Try a spot of yoga or meditation, reduce long continuous cardio training as this produces high cortisol levels and replace these with resistance training as it is perfect for sculpting and toning muscles.


- Before bed rub castor oil around the mid torso as it eliminates toxic substances from the liver and disperses through the skin and apply one squirt of topical magnesium behind each knee for a calming effect to cortisol production, effectively producing a deep sleep.

- If you suffer from leaky gut or Irritable bowel then I recommend consuming 10 grams of l-glutamine ( 4-6 times per day in a glass of water, this mineral has a healing effect that promotes the sealant of the bowel and prevents gaseous bloating and discomfort and undigested food leaking through the walls of the exterior wall of the gut.

The Pouch

These women are likely to be gym junkies, busy mums or have demanding careers.

Stuck at a stagnant phase of repetitive gym classes or stuck in a rut with the same food diet. It may keep you slim but gives you a lower belly that spoils the rest of your appearance. The main thing about to remember for this type of belly is variation.

Identify and Overturn those habits

Irregular eating times, skipping breakfast so as not to miss 'that spin class or body pump session', these are examples that effect this type. Performing lots of crunches can protrude the belly as it affects the hip flexors and lower back and can lead to poor posture, creating that pouch like look.

12 weeks to a new you:

- Eat a more vibrant, colourful diet and do not be afraid of consuming 'FAT'.

- Eat every 2-4 hours, very small meals

- Each meal should contain Protein, meaning do not consume fruit alone or vegetables alone without a protein rich food.

- Eliminate bread,rice and pasta and add iron rich foods such as spinach and green leafy veg, as despite the old wife's tale carbs do not fill you up they only make you feel overloaded.

- Avoid long continuous cardiovascular and opt for weights to burn serious fat stores and reduce cortisol consumption.


- Reduce inflammation by consuming cod liver oil and l- carnitine (find both at @ to shrink stubborn fat cells.

- 2 x capsules across 5 times a day or in pure form consume 1/2 teaspoon 5 times a day.

- 500mg l carnitine tablet across 4 times a day and no later than 4pm.

The Speed Bump

These types are usually defined as a 'Mummy Tummy' a type of belly that has in the last few years given birth, and being a typical mum have very little or no time to themselves.

Identify and Overturn those habits:

Rushing yourself back to exercise is a no go, wait two-three months and for gods sake rest.

By stressing about the baby weight will make you cling onto it more making poor exercise and nutritional decisions.

12 weeks to new you:

- Take a zinc/vitamin c rich supplement to boost your immune system, as feeling sluggish and run down is common with this tummy.

- Remove complex carbohydrates such as pasta and bread and replace with good oily fats such as brazil nuts, avocado and coconut oil.

- Eat light protein meals such as chicken, turkey, salmon and tuna to boost protein consumption and metabolism will be boosted from these readily available energy stores.

- DO NOT perform sit ups , they will make weakened linea alba muscles (they run down the centre of the stomach) over perform and can lead to separation when really you need them to recover. Instead opt for pelvic floor exercises, such as laying on your back and inhaling through the nose and pulling in your stomach, imagining tat you belly button could touch your spine, hold for several seconds and exhale through the mouth, controlling the outward motion. repeat 15-25 times across 3-5 times per day.

- Another good pelvic exercise is performed on all fours breathing in deeply and and rotating your pelvic forward as you do, thus arching the spine into a cat like stretch. Exhale over a lengthened period of 3-5 seconds and as you do push your stomach out creating a small arch in the lower back. Repeat 15-25 times also across 3-5 times a day.


Restore levels of energy and a well boosted immune system by removing all electrical appliances from your bedroom, which includes leaving standby on the tv. Get 8 hours of shut eye incomplete darkness and try to be in bed by 11pm latest as this follows natures natural circadian rhythms. Any form of light as small as it may be will confuse the body and rather than producing melatonin the sleepy hormone, will produce cortisol, the stress hormone that awakes you in the morning.

The Bloat

These bellies start flat in the morning but swell throughout the day from gas or indigestion problems.

Identify and Overturn those habits:

Eating regular foods that contain food intolerances or allergies without knowing.

12 weeks to new you:

- The most common food intolerances are from wheat and gluten (bread, pasta, pastries and cereals) alcohol, yeast and processed dairy such as milk, cheeses and butter). Gluten can inflame the bowel and cause other auto immune diseases that you never thought possible just from food. (look out for gluten free products in all leading supermarkets)

- Focus your diet on a caveman one (Paleolithic Diet) that contains two important principals;

Only Eat

- What swims, flys, or runs......

- What grows from trees or from roots........

- Bloated bellies and sluggish bowels are a sign of poor stomach acid. 2 in 3 British women suffer from sluggish digestion expressing; excess gas, bloating, heart burn and hiccups to name a few.Test your stomach acid with Digest Force ( this will test the condition of your digestive acids and will determine whether or not you need to follow further protocols in order to correct this.


After eating make sure you actively move. This will help the digesting process and provide a calorific burn.