Success Stories

Nick always puts me through my paces and I get far more out of my session than I could ever reach alone. His sessions are fun and varied, no two are ever the same. He never stops learning and is always teaching me new things. He's a consummate professional that never fails to be enthused, it's clear that he loves what he does. As a vegetarian it is sometimes difficult to strike the right balance with food but Nick has given me some great advice and shown me which supplements to use to complement my diet. I always look forward to my sessions, working out is fun and not a chore and I now crave the natural high exercise gives me. I would recommend Nick to anyone.


I have been having personal training sessions with Nick weekly for the past 6 months with the main goal to keep fit and tone up. Training with Nick is good fun but that doesn't mean it's easy - far from it. It's always hard work and a challenge, but it's nice that we're able to have a laugh at the same time. Nick has an endless professional knowledge about the human body and fitness. He is full of good advice when it comes to injuries having managed to correct my running technique so that it no longer hurts when I run and even gave me the confidence to apply for the London marathon next year. Through keeping a food diary his nutritional guidance helped me lose weight and reduce body fat as well as giving me more energy. Since I started sharing my sessions with a friend it has become even more fun, but equally more challenging - he manages to bring out to competitive streak in both of us! I would not hesitate to recommend Nick to anyone, whether they want general fitness training, nutritional advice or require rehabilitation.


Nick tailored the session to my specific needs and his enthusiasm and knowledge was evident throughout. I lost weight and changed the way I see and understand food because of Nick. I continue to use Nick's training advice when I train at the gym. Nick's training techniques are so unique that on many occasions I have seen other Personal Trainers adopt his techniques.


I often work harder and push myself further when with Nick, than when training alone – which in itself is a massive help to get more from my sessions. Correct posture and form are always important when training, and Nick has ensured that when I'm doing the exercises, we do them correctly and safely. On several occasions he's advised that we 'move on' when he can spot signs of fatigue in various muscle groups, and thus preventing me potentially injuring myself – even when I've wanted to go for more he's advised correctly. Nick has always been an inspiration with new techniques and pieces of equipment also, which I've often seen people around the gym adopting after watching one of his sessions.


I have been using Nick for personal training for the past two years. He is always punctual, polite but more importantly very professional. Nicks unrivalled knowledge on all aspects of training has been a huge help to me and my around level of fitness has improved ten fold. I really like the way Nick calmly explains why we are doing each exercise.


I Write on behalf of my son Ian Morley who has been in a wheelchair since his car accident in 1997.He has worked with Nick as his trainer for a few years now and since working with Nick, Ian has improved masses.You only have to sit in on one of Ians sessions and see the faith he has in Nicks judgement. Ians whole attitude to life has changed for the better as Nick instills positivity in Ian. He stresses to Ian that his glass is half full, not half empty. Other members of the gym even come up to me and say how much Ian has improved, and what faith he has in Nick. We cant thank Nick enough for the work and effort he has put in with Ian, and I know he wants Ian to improve even more (as we do).


Nicks passion and dedication towards his work is clear through his hard work and success in his career, a true testament to his endless abilities as a trainer.


Having had previous experience with Personal Trainers both at David Lloyds as well as at other gyms, I can say without reservation that Nick is quite simply the best Personal Trainer I have ever worked with.


Nick wasn't just a personal trainer he also provided priceless nutritional advice beyond the usual set plans I had received in the past. He listened to me and tailored it around my work and personal life. Making my goals that much more attainable and less like a 'another diet'.

R. Poobalasingam

Nick has advised me on a complete diet overhaul which has resulted in my losing weight, given me more energy and has improved my self confidence. His enthusiasm, dedication and passion for his role makes him a pleasure to train with and his knowledge is second to none.


Prior to meeting Nick, I had weak knees that caused me pain during exercise and just generally on a day to day basis. Nick identified this problem really early on! We worked on specific exercise to target the issue and one year (approx) on, I do not experience any pain in my knees whether during exercise or just generally on a day to day basis. As well as achieving this, I have trimmed and toned in all the right places! Thanks Nick! :)

S. Armstrong